eeboo Red Fire Truck 20 Pc Big Puzzle

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จิ๊กซอว์รูปรถดับเพลิงสีแดงแบบ 20 ชิ้น เหมาะสำหรับอายุ 3 ปีขึ้นไป เมื่อต่อเสร็จจะมีขนาด 15″ x 11″ การต่อจิ๊กซอว์จะช่วยในเรื่องของการทำงานประสานกันระหว่างมือและดวงตา พัฒนากล้ามเนื้อมัดเล็กและการแก้ปัญหา ผลิตจากกระดาษรีไซเคิลและพิมพ์ด้วยหมึกผลิตจากผัก

eeBoo’s Red Fire Truck 20 piece jigsaw puzzle Piece together a classic red fire truck passing through the town’s busy intersection. Can you spot all that’s going on? Perfect for ages 3 and up with its jumbo-sized and thick puzzle pieces. Encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving.

Holly Berry is the illustrator of our Red Fire Truck 20 Piece Puzzle! Holly lives in Maine on a small blueberry farm where she finds inspiration for her work from the flora and fauna. When Holly was little she and her friends would pretend they were horses running through the forest. Many a day after school was spent galloping and whinnying until dinner time! Her favorite thing to eat when she was a kid was a crunchy peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam sandwich with pumpernickel bread but her all-time favorite meal now is anything with a lot of cheese.

– Puzzles are the perfect project for little hands! Piecing together a puzzle aids in the development of pattern, shape, and color recognition. Children feel challenged by the task, and proud of its completion!
– PIECE COUNT: 20 glossy pieces that fit and snap together with ease.
– PUZZLE SIZE is 15 x 11 inches when finished.
Perfect for ages 3 and up. Encourages hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving.
– SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: 90% recycled materials, printed with vegetable-based inks.

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